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  • Type-C 3in1 TO C+HDMI+A(USB3.0)
Type-C 3in1 TO C+HDMI+A(USB3.0)

Type-C 3in1 TO C+HDMI+A(USB3.0)

  • TYPE C TO 3 IN 1
  • Product description: ChunJing Type-c 3in1 to HDMI To VGA To Type-a USB3.0,Support MACBOOK,CHROMEBOOK,LUMIA950XL


1、Platform: CYPRESS2122+ Parade PS176

2、Plug and play, with PD, no extra power.

3、Convenient for mobile phones, computers, VR and other devices.

4、The wire is coiled with tin-plated copper coils + aluminum foil mela tape +TPE

5、Support mirror mode, support multi-task split screen.

6、Support HDMI1.4A up to 4096x2160@30hz (4K)

7、Type c: support the MACBOOK, this, LUMIA950XL, etc

8、Type A: USB3.0 is supported

9、PCB size: 60 mm (L) x52mm x12mm (W) (L)

10、Charging voltage: 5 v ~ 20 v

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