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Mobile power Dual QC3.0 quick charge complete solution

The battery capacity of smart phones is getting bigger and bigger. Besides saving power, charging speed has become a more and more important feature for users.Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology has become one of the industry's role models. Following the Quick Charge 2.0 specification, the latest Quick Charge 3.0 technology (QC3.0), which allows mobile phones to Charge up to 80 percent of their battery from 0 percent, takes only about 35 minutes.Without a traditional mobile device that USES Quick Charge technology, it can take about 1.5 hours.

QC3.0 is downward compatible with previous Quick Charge versions and supports the latest USB Type-C connector.It is more flexible in charging options, QC2.0 provides 5V / 9V / 12V / 20V four voltage options, while QC3.0 increments every 200mV to provide elastic choices of different voltages within the range of 3.6v to 20V.This allows the phone to choose the most suitable voltage to reach the ideal charging current, thus minimizing power loss, improving charging efficiency and improving thermal performance.

        he mobile power scheme launched by youshang this time adopts QC3.0 quick charging technology in both directions. The built-in SMB1351 input charging IC of qualcomm is built in.The output adopts ON's QC3.0 identification IC NCP4371, and combines with MPS 'power IC MP3428 to provide 18W power QC3.0 quick charging output.

          Program Function

This mobile power scheme can output two sets of power at the same time, one is QC3.0 output, the other is fixed 5V output, and can charge two mobile phones at the same time.The maximum output power of QC3.0 is 18W, the output voltage range is at least 3.6V, and the maximum output voltage is 12V.The maximum output power of fixed 5V is 10W.

In addition to the general 5V adapter, the biggest feature of mobile power input is to support QC3.0 adapter, so that the mobile power itself battery also has fast charging function, the maximum charging current is up to 4.5a, and the mobile power can be charged up to 80% within half an hour.

MCU built-in programs include charge, discharge light signal display, power display and related protection functions.

【Program features】
             Micro USB Inout:QC3.0, 3.6V~12V@18W
             USB Type A Output1:QC3.0, 3.6V~12V@18W
             USB Type A Output2:5V@2A
             4 TImes faster than convenTIonal charging
             30 minutes to 80% full capacity
             Charge IC: Programmable single cell Li-Ion battery charger: Qualcomm SMB1351, feature:

 chunjing Type-c

QC3.0 HVDCP Controller: ON NCP4371 feature


Boost DC/DC Converter 1 for QC3.0 Output: MPS MP3428

Boost DC/DC Converter 2 for 5V/2A Output MPS MP3422

MCU:, 32bit Cortex M0 ST micro STM32F030F6

Battery protecTIon IC Diodes AP9101C


【Display board photo】

Chunjing Product application includ:HK-096 Dual Output QC3.0,HK-118D 10000mAh QC3.




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